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- Matrix™ Modular Inverter Solution
The Eaton® Matrix™ Modular Inverter Solution is an integrated inverter power system designed for applications where a very high reliability AC supply is required.

The Matrix modular design ensures maximum flexibility to configure solutions to customers’ requirements. Modules include inverters, Static Transfer Switch, controller, interface module and Maintenance Bypass Module. With its versatile "building block” design and n+x redundant configuration, the Matrix ensures reliable telecommunication and industrial AC power.

The Matrix Static Transfer Switch provides automatic and instantaneous load transfer between mains power and inverter power and back again, to ensure uninterrupted AC supply to sensitive electronic equipment.

The Matrix solution uses digital microprocessor control. The monitoring controller gives realtime system status through comprehensive LCD /LED displays, and allows program settings through the display panel.

With the Matrix communication interface module installed, you can control and monitor the system remotely.

• Ultimate high power density reducing space demand
• Hot-pluggable connection allows module addition or removal without interruption to AC supply
• Versatile modular design allows a variety of configurations for different power needs
• Capacity up to 18kVA
• n+x redundancy
• Single phase 120Vac or 230Vac output options
• High efficiency, >89%
• Comprehensive LCD/LED display provides system status, and user-friendly panel eases program settings
• Optional maintenance bypass switch with integrated AC distribution
• Optional USB/RS232/RS485 communication for local and remote management
- Matrix™ 2000 Standalone Inverter
The Eaton® Matrix™ 2000 Standalone Inverter is designed for use in telecommunications applications where a very reliable AC supply is required. The high efficiency and compact size makes the Matrix 2000 Inverter an outstanding solution for powering all types of critical AC equipment.

The Matrix 2000 Standalone Inverter provides 2000W of reliable AC power in a 1U x 19” rack mount package that includes a built-in Static Transfer Switch (STS). The STS automatically and
instantaneously switches the AC output, from the DC inverter to an alternative source such as AC mains (and back again), providing extra security of the AC supply to the load equipment.

The Matrix 2000 solution uses digital microprocessor control to provide maximum performance under all operating conditions. The built-in controller gives realtime system status through comprehensive LCD/LED displays, and allows program setting through a keypad panel.

The Matrix 2000 Standalone Inverter includes a built in USB interface for monitoring and control.

• Designed for telecom applications
• Pure sine wave output
• Unity power factor (full 2000 watt output power)
• Significant overload capability, 120% continuously, 200% for 5
• High efficiency, >91%
• High power density
• Built in Static Transfer Switch (STS)
• DSP design for improved reliability and performance
• Single phase 120Vac or 230Vac output options
• Comprehensive LCD/LED with keypad
• USB interface for connecting to PC
• Wide selection of configurable parameters.
• International certifications
- Telecom Inverter Solution
The Eaton Telecom Inverter is an innovative dual input inverter solution designed for applications where very high reliability of your AC supply is required. By incorporating a 230Vac input, as well as the 48Vdc input, Eaton has developed a solution that closes the gap between the traditional UPS and conventional inverter solutions.

The innovative architecture allows users to provide clean, regulated and continuous AC power to critical loads with the same n+x reliability as traditional DC power systems. The design of the inverter ensures a seamless transfer between the AC and DC inputs, giving zero transfer time and eliminating the need for a Static Transfer Switch.

Users can select between “Line Mode” and “Battery Mode”. In Line Mode, the inverter operates similar to a double conversion UPS, drawing power from the AC mains, and delivering smoothed and isolated AC power to the load. In “Battery Mode”, the inverter draws power from the DC input. When power to the preferred input is interrupted; the Inverters seamlessly switch to the alternative input with no interruption of power to your critical AC loads.

The Eaton Telecom Inverter solutions can be configured with an optional controller module and/or Maintenance Bypass Switch. The monitoring controller gives real-time system status through comprehensive LCD /LED displays, and allows system parameter setting through the keypad panel. The communication interface allows users to monitor and control the system remotely.

An optional Maintenance Bypass Switch lets users manually switch the loads between inverter power and AC mains, allowing for complete shutdown of the inverter system while still maintaining mains power to the loads.

• Pure sine wave output
• AC and DC inputs
• High efficiency, >94% in line mode
• Up to 28kVA single phase output
• 120% overload capacity @ 30ºC
• Modular n+x design
• No single point of failure
• Zero transfer time
• Hot-plug connection of modules
• Optional Maintenance Bypass Switch
• Optional LCD display + keypad with USB/RS232/RS485 interface
• ROHS compliance
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