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Battery Energy Storage System

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Battery Energy Storage System

Swichtec’s Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) for EV chargers is a technology that stores electrical energy for future use in electric vehicle charging stations. The BESS is typically composed of lithium-ion batteries and a power control unit, which regulates the flow of electricity between the batteries and the EV chargers. One of the key advantages of the BESS is that it allows for a more efficient and stable distribution of power, helping to avoid blackouts and other power-related issues.

When paired with solar PV panels, the BESS becomes even more sustainable and environmentally friendly. The solar panels can generate renewable energy to charge the batteries, which can then be used to power the EV chargers. This makes the entire system more self-sufficient and reduces the reliance on the electrical grid. In addition, the use of solar energy can also help to reduce electricity costs and carbon emissions. Overall, the combination of a BESS with solar PV panels can create a more efficient and sustainable electric vehicle charging system.

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