Pioneers of Switch Mode Rectifier

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Our History

History of Swichtec
Swichtec New Zealand was founded in 1985 as a company that specialized in designing and manufacturing Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) systems. The company offered a range of power protection solutions, including UPS systems for data centers, telecoms and other critical applications
In 1996, Swichtec Power Systems Sdn Bhd was incorporated in Malaysia as a subsidiary of Swichtec New Zealand. SPSSB also specialized in the design and manufacture of UPS systems for critical applications in Malaysia.
In 1998, Swichtec New Zealand was sold to BTR PLC, a UK-based multinational engineering company. The acquisition of Swichtec NZ was part of BTR's strategy to expand its presence in the power protection market.
BTR PLC merged with Sieve, another UK-based engineering company, to form Invensys. Invensys was a global technology company that provided software, systems, and services for a variety of industries, including power and energy.
Following the merger of BTR and Sieve to form Invensys, Swichtec Power Systems Sdn Bhd became part of the Invensys Energy Systems Group, which was later rebranded as Powerware, a division of Invensys that specialized in power protection solutions for mission-critical applications.
Invensys sold Powerware to Eaton Corporation, a global power management company. The acquisition of Powerware allowed Eaton to expand its portfolio of power protection solutions and strengthen its position in the power management market.
Swichtec Power Systems Sdn Bhd became a wholly-owned Malaysian company, with 100% of its shares owned by local bumiputra. This change in ownership did not affect the company's operations or its focus on providing high-quality power protection solutions for critical applications until today.
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